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Cactus Country

Recently my friend Cassie and I travelled 3 hours north to Strathmerton to visit Cactus Country. I remember seeing photos of this amazing place on social media and immediately falling in love. Once I found out that my friend was equally as cacti crazy as I was...we started planning our trip.

It is incredible.

There was just so much more than I ever expected....honestly the photos don't do it justice (even though I think the photos are awesome haha) there were some of the most incredible plants there....some taller than 10 metres!

We were lucky with our timing as well as the weather was perfect and the flowers had started blooming for the season.

Not only can you see all the cacti that could last you a lifetime, you can put on sombreros and dine in their mexican restaurant, hold events there and buy as many cacti as you'd like to take home. I think it goes without saying my car was loaded to the brim haha

If you can make the effort to get there, I highly recommend it.

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