Thank you very much for stopping by my website! Zingara Zingara is a Melbourne based design studio that specializes in graphic design and illustration. I’m Alana, the designer, illustrator and editor behind Zingara Zingara.  

Zingara Zingara, translates to 'Gypsy Gypsy' in Italian, where my love affair for illustrating beauty and fine detail began.


My designs...

My design aesthetic has a bohemian luxe quality to it, that can be incorporated into something as small as a logo or business cards and translate through to a larger scale project such as a web or blog design.

You may even just be drawn to my illustrations and prints to pull together your interior styling, or desire a unique and custom creation for a product label or special event invitation.

Thank you for stopping by my Studio.

My experience....

I have a strong background in Fashion Design, Textiles, Illustration, Graphic & Web Design, that I have combined to create a one-stop design shop, that focuses on custom designs for those who are looking for something unique, that stands out in the continuously growing crowd.

Before Zingara Zingara, I studied both Fashion Design and Graphic Design, which gave me a solid foundation, understanding of design, and armed me with the essential knowledge of industry standards and principals.

In my professional career, I've spent the last 8 years working alongside fashion designers and industry leaders, before deciding it was time to spread my wings and branch out into launching my own business.

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My inspiration....

I am drawn to all things raw and natural: turquoise stones, feathers, suede, leather and bones. I love to illustrate the female face and form, wild creatures and items from nature that embody the naturally beautiful, free-spirited, bohemian vibe.

I find inspiration from images, nature, natural pieces from the earth and fashion items that I re-create and illustrate by hand, using raw materials, before digitally transforming the artwork into something that can be printed or published online.

Illustrating and designing is in my blood, and has been ever since I was a child. Whether I am sewing, painting, drawing or designing, creative expression feels like breathing to me, and is a big part of who I am at my core. It was only a natural progression to evolve my passion projects into something that I can call 'work' and make creating a part of my everyday. 

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" has been such a blessing to have found you to help clarify it all and be able to produce such a final product that I feel is still reflecting me and my vision that takes real talent and real care for your client so I thank you. It wasn't easy bringing someone else in but I'm thrilled that I did."  


—  Megan Lee, Owner of Invoke Thy Beauty


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