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Dreamcatcher Mural.

My Mama Said is an amazing pilates and yoga studio located in Seddon, Melbourne. It has been a favourite studio the last few months, it has such a welcoming and calming feeling when you enter but the classes really get those muscles aching! In their dreamy yoga room there is a large brick wall that is approximately 10 metres wide and 3 metres tall. It previously had some large graffiti words covering it but the owner Lisa, was after something a bit different.

For the yoga room, she wanted to create a calming, airy studio space. She loved the bohemian style of imagery and chose a dreamcatcher, which I also thought would be perfect for a yoga studio. She was after lots of white space and for the artwork to be placed off centre.

After meeting with Lisa and discussing the concept, I started off with a few sketches like the ones below:

As you can see, I started off with it being very large and this was later adjusted to include more white space and being off centre.

I found this piece to be deceptively challenging! For the line work I used paint pens to get a nice clean line. However, the wall was so textured and uneven it was challenging to make the line work still look straight. I had to trace around each brick to achieve this. On a wall that is metres long and high - this becomes very time consuming!!!

Here's a time lapse of part of my process:

Below is a photo of the talented team at My Mama Said:

You can check out the My Mama Said website here or even better, check out the mural in person in your next yoga class!

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