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Zingara Girl. Zingara Girl <3

With most of my art I purposefully name the subject of all my drawings....I just feel that it helps set a 'mood' or a 'theme' to my work. Must admit - I name most things...even my car is called Black Betty.

I do this because it helps sparks ideas and makes the work more interesting.

However, this illustration was different though, this girl was intended to almost be a 'summary' of my new brand and it's help me set the mood/theme for my business.

You see, I wanted to emulate beauty, with a darker, bohemian feel. I wanted it be luxe and delicate with a raw edge and I feel that I've achieved all these in this piece.

The model's face that I used for a reference was Luma Grothe (her instagram can be found here). Slightly obsessed with her and that beautiful face!! I added in some antlers for more of a rustic, boho feeling and darkened it all with some black ink. Soooo scary adding the black ink as that's what I did last. Had visions of me spilling it all over the finished illustration! Luckily I managed to keep it together.

This piece was then featured in my campaign shoot (below) for Zingara Zingara. This drawing was a lot of fun and I plan on doing more pieces similar to this.

Let me know what you think of it!


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