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Visually Speaking

I bet that most creatives out there can relate to me on this.... I speak another language besides the spoken language. I speak visually. --Wha?? lemme explain.

If you try and get me to describe something in detail accurately, I will fumble, fall over my words, repeat myself, go blank and even lose track of what I'm talking about (which embarrassingly happens a LOT). Thinking in words just does not come naturally to me. However, I can draw it up for you... mock it up for you.....represent a feeling with a colour or speak with a pattern. I can compile images together to create a story and get my message across that way. It's not the traditional sense of a 'story'....but a story nonetheless. I will try to explain something to someone and I can just see confusion wash over their face and their eyes glaze over. It always ends up with me red faced and saying '...I'll just show you.' Once I visually translate what I'm trying to get out it's an immediate realisation...Success! So in saying this, this is one of the reasons I'm writing this blog. I'm trying to get more written work out there so you can get to know me a bit better, so I can help explain my work and the processes behind it a bit more and just generally improve at writing!

Easy, right? Hmmmm.... So bear with me. I'll get the mean time have a look at my visual work here.

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