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All About Perspective.

One of the many reasons why I love the creative industry is that there is no 'right' answer. Art and design is not as black and white as other subjects, it's a whole spectrum of colours. However, in saying that there is no wrong or right answer....that then allows room for judgement and everyone has their opinion from their own different perspective. ...and that's not always fun. I understand the appeal of having one clear, clean answer. It's complete and whole whereas, art and all it's creative subheadings are messy, disorganised and inconsistent. Over the last few months, since moving down to Melbourne, it has been amazing but also very confronting. I feel that I've been thrown in to a room with a whole heap of different personalities that I either haven't dealt with before or could not avoid. I've experienced some real highs.... and some real lows. It has altered my perspective on how I should interact with people and who I should invest in. It's also taught me how I should learn to NOT interact with some people....or at the very least, keep them at a distance. Sounds a bit negative, but I do believe that you are a direct reflection of the five closest people you interact with. Who are your five people? Do you respect them? Do you talk highly of them? Do you enjoy their company? So that has been what has been on my mind a lot my perspective on people has changed and how I want to change things for the better.

Alana xx

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