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Loved this project! I was approached by Joanna French from Shanghai Suzy to create a custom illustration to bring in her new 70's inspired lipstick collection. Shanghai Suzy is a Melbourne based cosmetic brand that creates affordable, vegan-friendly lipsticks that are animal friendly. Her product is now stocked in over 600 stores.

Joanna was after long flowing hair, florals and a 70's vibe. This collection had five featured colours, they were Dusty Rose, Eggplant, Golden Peach, Frosted Candy and Raspberry Sorbet. After I completed the illustration, I took it in to Photoshop to digitally colourise. I created three different versions, black and white, a more dusty/autumn colour palette and the below fun, feminine version.

To find out more about Shanghai Suzy you can view her website here and her Instagram here.

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