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Rachel Gutierrez is a Sydney based wedding photographer who was looking at updating her business name and branding. She was after something unique, eye catching and had meaning to her and her aesthetic.

Originally, we played around with a few ideas of incorporating Spanish inspired tiles and flowers in to her branding (homage to her background), which evolved in to symbolic hand gestures that indicated promises, love, kindness and unity. The 'pinky promise' hands being the hero illustration.


These symbols were all individually hand drawn and even incorporated Rachel's own signet ring in to the drawings. 

Rich burgundys, shimmering golds and moody monotone imagery are the main elements of this branding. The fonts are clean, crisp but show personality with class. 

I found this project challenging but loved the provess and how it turned out. I hope you do too!

Rachel Gutierrez - Logo Horizontal - Whi
Rachel Gutierrez - Logo Stacked - White.
Rachel Gutierrez - Monogram - White.png
Rachel Gutierrez - Main Logo - Gold.png
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