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Sophie Forbes Logo-06.png

Sophie Forbes Jewellery is a bespoke jewellery designer from Queensland, Australia. She is passionate about classic, thoughtful, everyday designs and quality materials that last a lifetime. 

Sophie wanted to update her business name from 'B Jewellery' to her own name. This not only reflected the designer behind the label but to elevated brand to another level.

She was after a clean look and wanted a strong symbol for easy recognition and for branding to go on her jewellery boxes. After getting to know Sophie more I found out that she was an accomplished pianist. This influenced the final design using the treble clef symbol as inspiration. This not only make for strong symbol but made her new branding that bit more personal for Sophie.

Below is the full style guide after completion:


I also created a nine tile design for the Instagram launch of her new branding:


If you want to see the new branding in action or to have a look at some beautiful jewellery that can be completely custom made, click here.

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